Vote early, vote often, vote Slingsby!

People have been heading to the Slingsby Village website in record numbers recently.

But now is the time to head to a polling booth in the Village Hall, if you’ve not already done so.  Break a turnout record, why not?

OK, it’s too late to ask you to vote early, but we do here get the chance to vote twice, once to elect our MP for Thirsk and Malton, and once to elect our Ryedale Councillor.

If you’re one of the hard-working people of Slingsby that all parties wish to attract, perhaps reading this after a hard day in the office/shop/farm etc, please make sure you have exercised your democratic right – and have properly earned your right to complain about the next government.

With the outcome so finely balanced, your vote has never been more valuable.

Governments may come and go, but the Slingsby Village Website goes on……


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