Website anniversary minus 3 – it’s all about you!

Following on from yesterday’s post, we want to mention some more people who have been contributing to the website or have embraced what the website can do for them.

Geoff Brooks has been our most regular and consistent of contributors, providing monthly walks both local and slightly further afield ever since we took our first steps. Have you been doing the local ones during lockdown? Slingsby Local Walks

Slingsby Local History Group soon realised the practical benefit of the website, enabling it first to avoid clashes with meetings of other groups and then share and store historical findings. For example, have you unearthed these pages? The Cavendish Family at Slingsby or Slingsby Audio Archive

All Saints Church and the Methodist church Church and Chapel have been well represented, not forgetting our Parish Council

Ahead of our website’s launch, my report in the Triangle of February 2011 opened:

In downtown Slingsby, tension is mounting, expectations are high and speculation is rife. But that’s enough about the website team (we can tend to be a bit excitable). The new website is really all about YOU. Will you make it work for you? Will it serve to invigorate our community by announcing everything we do and are seeking to achieve?”

I think we now have the answer.