Website anniversary minus 4 and counting…

It’s time we gave a shout-out to some of our contributors, starting today with the groups who put in so much work each year to make May Day in Slingsby such a success: the Maypolers who mastermind the whole event and organise the dancing and music, the Friends of Slingsby School who organise the Scarecrow Trail, and the many and various groups running stalls and helping out in various ways.

The Village website is pleased to have been able to spread the word far and wide about this iconic event. In past years we have even been messaged by people living abroad who wish to book their holiday in UK to coincide with Slingsby’s May Day celebrations.

Our publicity for the May Day celebrations, and the Sports Club’s May Day car boot sale, have helped to generate the type of large and convivial gathering which sadly has become only too rare in recent times.

The level of interest is clear from the number of hits the website always gets in the days leading up to May Day. Our best ever daily viewing figure was recorded on 30 April 2017 when the website received 1,008 views in a single day.

In 2013 we created a page dedicated to Slingsby’s Maypole:

Slingsby Maypole

The website team at work