All Saints News Archive

The Time Capsule unearthed 28 February 2015

A time capsule was buried under the foundation stone when All Saints Church was substantially rebuilt in 1867. It is recorded that photographs of the original church were put in the original time capsule. Slingsby PCC obtained permission from both the Diocese of York and English Heritage to examine the capsule.  On 28th February, the foundation stone was carefully removed by a stonemason. For the results of the excavation please click here

We are looking for ideas for non-perishable contemporary items put back in a new capsule to mark the present time in history. If you have any suggestions please contact Margaret on 01653 628303, or [email protected] or Kate on 648739.

All Saints Church News (April 2015)

Church Fabric: new windows and future plans!

Those of you who have visited All Saints’ in recent weeks may have noticed a real difference in the quality of light at the west end of the north aisle. This is due to the wonderful new windows, replaced by Keith Dixon in memory of Margaret. The windows have been carefully designed to match those in the south aisle and clerestory and are a wonderful addition to the church. The PCC is very grateful to Keith, and to Margaret Mackinder, who as usual, arranged and oversaw the work on our behalf.

On Saturday 8th March we had a fantastic presentation from our architect, Andrew Boyce, about our proposals for creating a kitchen and toilet in the north aisle, reducing the length of the pews in the north and south aisles, creating a Local History cupboard in the south aisles, alongside new schemes for heating, lighting and installing a sound loop in the church. The proposals are based on our consultation mornings held in 2013-14 and on useful input from parishioners, visitors, the DAC Secretary, Phil Thomas, and English Heritage.

Everyone who attended agreed that the proposals will provide useful facilities that will make the church, warmer and more user-friendly, especially for those with hearing and visual impairments and accessibility issues. They will also allow us to offer better facilities for walkers and visitors, which is essential if the church is to be maintained in the future.

We hope to display copies of the drawings at the back of the church for you to view. If you have any comments, please do send them to the PCC Secretary, Kate Giles ([email protected]). Now all we have to do is apply for funding….which we hope to progress this year through the Heritage Lottery Fund. We will be greatly assisted in this by all the hard work and generous donations towards the Tower Appeal.