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Friends of Malton Museum lecture 17 Nov

Wednesday 17 November 2021, 7.30pm, the Library, Malton School, Middlecave Road

There is a change to the original programme. Unfortunately Payson Muller is unable to be present, but we are delighted to say that two of our own Friends have offered to present their talk.  As always the venue is the Library at Malton School, Middlecave Road and the lecture begins at 7.30
Margaret Mackinder and Louise Lewis will present:

The story of horse racing in Malton and Norton 

This talk focuses on Malton and Norton’s illustrious horse racing past and the reasons why we have at least 23 training yards in and around the two towns today. Discover how some high profile owners and trainers made Malton into one of the most famous racing towns in the country in the 19th-century, creating records some of which still remain in place. Find out why Malton and Norton no longer have a racecourse, but together still remain a lively racing centre where it has been calculated that up to a third of the working population are employed directly or indirectly in racing or in racing support businesses. 

FoMM Talk, Dr Melanie Giles on “Bog Bodies”

ONLINE, 21 April – PLEASE BOOK BY 14 April!

Friends of Malton Museum present “BOG BODIES”, an online illustrated talk by Dr Melanie Giles

Wednesday 21ST April at 7.30 pm. All welcome

Many in Slingsby will have heard Mel’s entertaining talks on a variety of topics.

Bog Bodies: face-to-face with the past’
In this lecture, Dr Melanie Giles will explore the iconic phenomenon of well-preserved human ‘mummies’ from the peat bogs of north-western Europe. She will explore how our changing relationship with these wetland environments has shaped the reception of these remains, examining the different techniques through which they have been conserved and curated. She will compare different explanations for their often violent deaths before discussing the ‘cold case’ of Worsley man: Manchester Museum’s own ‘bog head’ and the new research which tells a rather different story of his death in the context of the Roman conquest of the north. Finally, she will discuss issues around their exhibition, display and continuing hold upon our imagination, arguing they have to power to both appal yet impel us to form new relationships with the bog itself.

For your link to join the lecture, please email

[email protected]

Please do this by 14th April.

Birds of Bempton Cliffs – Talk (FoMM)

Birds at Bempton Cliffs | Emily Beevers.

The Friends of Malton Museum present “Birds of Bempton Cliffs” an online illustrated talk by Dave O’Hara, RSPB on Wednesday 17th March at 7.30 pm.

All welcome. To join the lecture, please email [email protected] by Wednesday 10th March.

The Friends of Malton Museum – February Lecture

Book by 10 February for the next lecture:

EquistryRoman & Medieval cavalry theories put to the test

An online illustrated talk by Kaitlyn & Simon Beattie

Wednesday 17th February at 7.30 pm

All welcome. To receive an invitation to join the lecture, please email [email protected]  by 10th February.

Friends of Malton Museum lecture

The Friends of Malton Museum are delighted to extend an invitation to their January lecture, to be given by Gillian Waters. Please act by 15th January (see below) if you would like to attend this online event.

Lecture date and time: Thursday 21st January 2021 at 7.30. 

Family History Myths and Lies – Untangling a Petyt Pedigree”. Can we trust the family stories we uncover?

Gillian Waters is an experienced educator with substantial experience of classroom, on-line and museum education, having taught in schools, universities and museums for over 25 years. She has an extensive repertoire of lectures on conquests from Medieval times – however in this rather dreary month we have chosen a more light hearted subject.  We hope you enjoy it.

To receive an invitation to join the lectures, please email [email protected]. by 15th January.