Advertise on the Website

The Slingsby Village website is an independent community website run by volunteers from that community. Ever since the website launched in March 2011, the costs of running the website have been paid by advertising on the website, and each year the website attracts a lot of enquiries about local businesses, local accommodation etc, many of which are based in Slingsby or the surrounding area.

An advert placed on the Slingsby village website can help potential customers find your business! Promote your business on the website using a 468×60 banner, for £20 per year – that works out at just 39p a week! All of the prices given are for advertising on the website for one year. You can supply your own advertising banner for use or have one made (at no extra cost) by the website team.

The website has had over 265,000 page views (October 2017) since the launch in March 2011 and on average gets 4000+ page views per month. During 2016 the Slingsby village website received 41,647 page views. That works out at an average of 114 page views a day. In May 2015 alone, the website received a record 6,448 page views.

If you are interested in placing an advert on the website, please send an E-mail to

Listed below are the options for advertising on the Slingsby Village Website.



Option 1 – Standard 468×60 pixel banner. The most popular option. Positioned at the bottom of at least three pages on the website, linked to your website and also optional listing in the business directory. – £20.00 per year



Option 2 – 300×75 pixel banner: banner positioned on the website’s sidebar, located on the right of the page throughout the site. The banner can be linked (optional) to your website. 1 slot available – contact the web team for details



Option 3 – A webpage: Your very own webpage on the website that is indexed by the search engines. Plenty of room to provide potential customers with news about your business that could include special offers, what’s new on the menu or details about upcoming events – Contact us for details HERE

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