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Ryedale has one of the lowest crimes rates in the UK, however, the residents of Slingsby, Fryton and South Holme set up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme to help reduce the level of crime in the area even further.

This page contains the recent news updates from Slingsby’s Neighbourhood Watch and the North Yorkshire Police Community messaging service relating to potential or reported criminal activity that the police believe the community should be aware of.

Occasionally there may be no news listed here which, of course, is a good thing, but at other times there may be important information from the police. Please check back regularly for updates.


Cyber criminals send victims their own passwords in extortion scam – Cyber criminals are attempting to blackmail unsuspecting victims by claiming to have used the victims’ password to install spying malware on the victims’ computer. The criminals claim they’ve recorded videos of the victim watching adult material by activating their webcam when they visit these websites. What makes this scam so convincing is that the email usually includes a genuine password the victim has used for one of their online accounts. We believe criminals obtain the passwords from data breaches.

What to do if you get one of these emails?
Don’t reply to the email, or be pressured into paying. The police advise that you do not pay criminals. Try flagging the email as spam/junk if you receive it multiple times. Perform a password reset as soon as possible on any accounts where you’ve used the password mentioned in the email. Always use a strong, separate password for important accounts, such as your email. Where available, enable two-factor authentication (2FA). Always install the latest software and app updates. Install, or enable, anti-virus software on your laptops and computers and keep it updated.

If you receive one of these emails, report it to Action Fraud’s phishing reporting tool. If you have received one of these emails and paid the ransom, report it to your local police force.

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Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)

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Posted: November 8, 2018, 3:26 pm

October is National NHW Cyber Crime month.
One of the initiatives is to promote “Take Five to Stop Fraud”: the national campaign from Financial Fraud Action UK and the UK Government.

As part of the North Yorkshire NHW support for the initiative I am inviting you to view the excellent booklet entitled “The Little Book of Big Scams”.This has been sponsored by NY Police and NY County Council from an original publication by the Metropolitan Police. It is available in print format as well as electronically.
You can view and download the booklet from the hyperlink below.
This 43 page booklet is in easy to read format and explores a range of issues in non-technical language and contains:
Key types of online fraud ranging from:
-Holiday scams to online banking or credit card fraud.
-Investment fraud
-Scam mail/ mass market fraud
and most importantly: what to do if you get scammed and how to reduce the damage.

Please go to the following link now and get your copy of this very useful booklet, it will open your eyes as to the ingenuity of criminals to get hold of your hard earned money!

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Posted: November 2, 2018, 4:01 pm

North Yorkshire Police and partners will be holding a rural watch meeting on the 9th November at 19:00hrs at Dalby Forest visitors centre. If you are interested in joining a watch in the Pickering, Kirkbymoorside and surrounding areas please come along to the meeting and meet the team. Guest speakers will be giving information on crime prevention and other subjects. Look forward to seeing you there.

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Posted: November 2, 2018, 3:37 pm

The latest figures from Action Fraud for the month of August indicate that the telephone is still the most common method for scammers to contact their victims. The most common types of scams being reported is where people are called from someone claiming to be from the HMRC, stating the person has an outstanding debt and instructing the person to pay that debt by I-tunes vouchers. Similar scams also include the caller claiming to be from Microsoft/BT/Talk Talk etc and claiming they have identified a problem with the persons computer. They then ask the victim to download a piece of software which allows the scammers access to the victims computer and invariably their bank details.
Remember the only way to eliminate cold calling is to purchase a call blocking device or a new phone that has call blocking features. It is essential!!
The next highest category is frauds and scams involving auction sites (ebay, Gumtree etc). Be suspicious of any potential seller asking you to send money via direct bank transfer and not through PayPal. You have no protection if it goes wrong. be also suspicious of emails purporting to be from PayPal advising that advance payment is needed.
PCSOs and Cyber volunteers are giving numerous presentations throughout the county on frauds and scams which are well worth attending and may just give you that bit of knowledge to prevent you becoming a victim. If you are a member of a community group who think your members would benefit from a presentation, please email the force’s ‘Financial Abuse safeguarding Officer’ [email protected].
Take this small test to see if you are ‘too smart to be scammed’

And, please find attached information from Action Fraud in relation to a current TV Licence scam.

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Posted: October 3, 2018, 2:02 pm