Farms and Farming

Baling near Fryton | Photograph by Colin Douthwaite

Much has changed since the mid-20th century, when there were 18 farms in the parish, 13 of those in Slingsby.

Within the village of Slingsby itself, only two of these continue to operate as farms: Castle Farm (Stephen Prest, arable) and Heights Farm (the Cliffords, sheep and beef), both of these based in the High Street.

Half a mile north of Slingsby village, Brickyard Farm (Andrew Wilson, predominantly arable) stands on the road to South Holme, needless to say on the site of the old brickworks.

Wandale Farm lies to the east of Slingsby, along Cemetery Lane, and is managed by Castle Howard estate.

In Fryton, there remain two farms, Cherry Garth (Stuart Prest, arable) and North Farm (Liz Cundill, arable).

In South Holme three farms continue to operate: South Holme Farm (the Langes, dairy), Beech Tree House (Andrew Farnell, livestock) and West Farm/Holme Farm/Dixieland (the Deans, dairy).

Photograph by Colin Douthwaite

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A farming column by local farmers Stephen Prest and Andrew Wilson is regularly published in the Triangle. The articles take a look at modern farming throughout the year.

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