Slingsby Audio Archive


The Slingsby Audio Archive is a series of recordings documenting the audio history of the North Yorkshire villages of Slingsby, Fryton and South Holme. The recordings feature conversations with residents and their memories of the people and places.

A number of recordings have been made over the last few years where, as part of the local history weekend, local residents discuss various aspects of village life and history.

Previous discussions have looked at farming, Slingsby during World War II, education, local businesses, entertainment, sport and more.

The podcasts can be listened to via the player on this page, at or on Spotify.

Podcast Seven: Entertaining Slingsby – part 2 Slingsby Audio Archive

An invited group discuss past and present sport activities in Slingsby as part of the 'Entertaining Slingsby' themed Local History Day that took place on 25th April 2015.
  1. Podcast Seven: Entertaining Slingsby – part 2
  2. Podcast Six: Entertaining Slingsby – part 1
  3. Podcast Five: Slingsby during World War 2
  4. Podcast Four: Slingsby during World War 2
  5. Podcast Three: Slingsby during World War 2
  6. Podcast Two: Businesses in Slingsby
  7. Podcast One: Farming in Slingsby

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