Parish Council Notices

[Details of Parish Councillors and the minutes of regular meetings appear on the Parish Council and Community page . This page is for exceptional notices from the Parish Council.]

posted 10 April 2023:

Parish Field – Tenders invited

Apply by 5 May 2023. Details here: News and Events | Parish Field Tenders Invited – The Slingsby Village Website

posted 2 April 2023:

Parish Council Clerk Vacancy

Apply by 5 May 2023. Details here: News and Events | Parish Council Clerk Vacancy – The Slingsby Village Website

posted 27 May 2022:

Parish Council VACANCIES

As of 23 May 2022, there are four vacancies on the Parish Council. Applications please no later than 23 June 2022. Full details in this notice.

posted 14 January 2020:

Parish Field 2020 Tender Advert

Tenders for licence for grazing part of the Parish field – form below to be completed and returned to Parish Clerk before noon on 30 January 2020.

posted 14 May 2019:

2 Parish Council vacancies

There are currently two vacancies on the Parish Council – the Fryton seat and one for Slingsby.
The Parish Council will fill these vacancies by co-option, unless by 3rd June 2019 ten electors for the parish request in writing (to the Returning Officer at Ryedale District Council) that an election be held. Any interested residents are requested to contact Parish Clerk Gail Cook at [email protected]  The formal Notices of Vacancy can be found here:

posted 24 July 2017:

Public Open Space Grant Scheme

Ryedale District Council has launched a grant scheme aimed at public open space and recreation. Applications for this are accepted quarterly, the next closing date being 15th September 2017, for a decision on 23rd November.
A housing development in Slingsby has now provided funding that is available for this grant scheme.
For Slingsby this is £45,324 for “Provision of and/or improvements to public open space within the vicinity of the land.” (This means within the parish boundary.)
The application details are on the RDC website
If you need any support in this process, please contact the Community Officer for your area, Melanie Holmes – [email protected] or 01653 600666 ext 284

posted Sep 2015:

Register of financial and other interests

Parish Councillors’ declarations of financial and other interests appear for the first time on this website (see Parish Council and Community page).