Parish Council and Community

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Parish Council meetings are normally held every two months, and are open to residents, who may ask questions.
2021/22 SCHEDULE – Village Hall Committee Room – 7pm, unless otherwise stated)
10 May, 12 July 2021 followed by PARISH ASSEMBLY at 7.30pm, 20 September, 15 November, 17 January, 21 March, 23 May 2022, 6.30pm, followed by 2022 PARISH ASSEMBLY 23MAY, 7.30pm


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Slingsby Parish Council Minutes 21.03.2022

Slingsby Parish Council Minutes 17.01.2022

Slingsby Parish Council Minutes 15.11.2021

Slingsby Parish Council Minutes 20.09.2021

Slingsby Annual Parish ASSEMBLY Minutes 12.07.2021

Slingsby Parish Council Minutes 12.07.2021

Slingsby Annual Parish Council Minutes 10.05.21

Slingsby Parish Council Minutes 22.03.21

Slingsby Parish Council Minutes 25.01.21


Slingsby Parish Council Minutes 23.11.20

Slingsby Parish Council Minutes 21.09.20

Slingsby Parish Council Minutes 20.07.20

Slingsby Parish Council Minutes 16.03.20

Slingsby Parish Council Minutes 20.01.20


Slingsby Parish Council Minutes 18.11.19

Slingsby Parish Council Minutes 16.09.19

Slingsby Parish Council Minutes 15.07.19

Slingsby Annual Parish Assembly Minutes 13.05.19

Slingsby Annual Parish Council minutes 13.05.19

Slingsby Parish Council minutes 25.03.19

Slingsby Parish Council minutes 28.01.19


Slingsby Parish Council minutes 19.11.18

Slingsby Parish Council minutes 24.09.18

Slingsby Parish Council minutes 16.07.18

Slingsby Annual Parish Assembly Minutes 21.05.18

Slingsby Annual Council Minutes 21.05.18

Slingsby Parish Council minutes 26.03.18

Slingsby Parish Council minutes 29.01.18


Slingsby Parish Council minutes 27.11.17

Slingsby Parish Council minutes 25.09.17

Slingsby Parish Council minutes 10.07.17

Slingsby Annual Parish Council minutes 08.05.17

Slingsby Annual Parish Assembly Minutes 08.05.17

Slingsby PC Minutes 27th March 2017

Slingsby PC DRAFT Minutes 23rd January 2017

More archived minutes from previous Parish Council meetings (2010-2016) can be found HERE


Freedom of Information

Risk Assessment

Cemetery regulations


Employers’ Liability certificate 2017

Financial Regulations

Standing Orders

PC Complaints Procedure

PC Equality and Diversity Policy


Fiona Farnell (Chair), Beech Tree Cottage, South Holme, Slingsby,York YO62 4AB. Tel.01653 628285; 07523 044447

Peter Snowball (Vice Chair), Harsley House, Railway Street, Slingsby,York, YO62 4AL. Tel.01653 628136; 07718 618461

Gawen Dickinson, South Barn, Fryton, Tel: 01653 628774.

Linda Lange, South Holme Farm, South Holme, YO62 4BA. Tel. 01653 628262 [co-opted 23 Jan 2017]

Rob Hicks, Sundial House, The Green, Slingsby, YO62 4AA. Tel. 01653 628659; 07866 700942 [co-opted May 2018]

Angela Shepherd, The Old Rectory, Slingsby, York YO62 4AD. Tel.01653 628230; 07984 361525

Andrew Wilson, Brickyard Farm, Slingsby, YO62 4AY. Tel. 01653 628567 (office), 01653 628175 (home); 07711 610765 [co-opted May 2018]

[Contact details as at May 2019 for our District councillors, County Councillors and Member of Parliament can be found HERE]


Mrs Gail Cook, Angel House, Middle Street, Swinton, Malton, YO17 6SR Tel. 01653 693898. Email: [email protected]


GDPR-related documents added May 2018:

Slingsby PC GDPR Data Audit

SlingsbyPC.General Privacy Notice

SlingsbyPC.Information Security Incident Policy

SlingsbyPC.Social Media & Electronic Comms Policy

SlingsbyPC.Staff & Councillor Privacy Notice

Slingsby.Computer&Telephone Misuse Policy

Slingsby.Consent Form


Councillors’ Register of Financial and other interests:

Fiona FarnellG DickinsonMargaret ShepherdPeter Snowball

ACCOUNTING STATEMENTS (incl Governance statement etc)

Accounts to 2020-21 to date (submitted to 25 Jan 2020 PC meeting):

Provisional accounts 1 April 2019 to end Dec 2019, submitted to Jan 2020 PC meeting:

Slingsby Parish Council Receipts & Payments Summary Account
for the year ended 31st March 2019

Current Year
Balance brought forward 1st April 2018            £11,940.12
Income                                                                £16,323.44


Payments                                                            £6,218.48
Less: Unpresented Cheques                              £0.00
Balance carried forward as at 31st March     £22,045.08

Financial information archive


Parishes are the smallest areas of civil administration in England and their Town and Parish Councils provide the statutory tier of local government closest to the people.

The Parish Council is elected every four years. In North Yorkshire there are three tiers of local government – the County Council, District/Borough Councils and Town/Parish Councils.

Slingsby, South Holme and Fryton Parish Council is an essential part of the structure of local democracy and has a vital role in acting on behalf of the community.

The Parish Council:

  • gives views, on behalf of the community, on planning applications and other proposals that affect the parish
  • undertakes small projects and schemes that benefit local residents
  • works in partnership with other bodies to achieve benefits for the parish
  • alerts relevant authorities to problems that arise or work that needs to be undertaken
  • helps the other tiers of local government keep in touch with their local communities

The Parish Council also oversees the Slingsby Poors’ Land Charity. A link can be found on the Charity Commission Website. Charity 234269

The Clerk to the Council is also the Clerk to the Slingsby Poors’ Land Charity and the Trustees are Cllr Wilson, Cllr Shepherd and Mrs Snowball. The Parish Council appoints the trustees to this charity.

The Parish Clerk is also Clerk to Slingsby Burial Board for burials in Green Dyke Lane Cemetery. The Cemetery Regulations can be found HERE.

Find more on the ROLE AND FUNCTIONS of the Parish Council HERE.

For a BREAKDOWN OF RESPONSIBILITIES between County Council, Ryedale District Council and Parish Council, click HERE.