Slingsby Website and Newsletter Group

Star Trail in Slingsby - Photo by Steve Allen

Star Trail in Slingsby – Photo by Steve Allen

Who are we?

The Slingsby Website and Newsletter Group originally came together as a group of volunteers in October 2010, in response to community demand. Slingsby residents had expressed the wish (later set forth in the Parish Plan of 2010) that the Parish should have its own community website and newsletter. We were gently sucked into the resulting vacuum!

The Newsletter (subsequently named “The Triangle”) was first issued in December 2010 and the website was launched online on 1st March 2011.

The group (April 2017) consists of:

our founder members:

  • Richard Flint (Webmaster)
  • Jon Boots, (Website editor)
  • Keith Buck (Triangle editor 2010-2015 | advertising, distribution and Yellow Pages manager)
  • George Dudzinski (Deputy website editor 2010-2016)

who were subsequently joined by:

  • Carol Buck (Treasurer)
  • David Thornley (Triangle editor)
  • Stephen Mackinder (News and events editor – website)
  • Joanna Bradley (Triangle editor)

Former members of the group

Naomi was an editor with the Triangle from 2015 – 2017

Geoff Brooks (a founder member) left the group at the end of 2011 but continues to contribute regularly.

Rachel Underwood worked on the website team from July 2012 to April 2013.

What do we do?

We create, maintain, update and manage the website and produce (six times a year) the associated newsletter (“the Triangle”). Our aim is to serve the parish and encourage community activity. We provide a wealth of information about our community, news and events, clubs and societies, history, businesses. We also offer guidance and tourism information for visitors and any interested parties.

We welcome new website content contributions, so if you have something you’d like to see published on the website, send it in to the team. Would you like to join the website team and help run the village website? If so then we’d love to hear from you.


We are constituted as a non-profit-making, unincorporated association. Details of our aims and objectives and how we run our affairs are set out in our Constitution, which was approved at our first AGM in October 2011 [AGM 2011 Annex E] listed with the other PDF documents below.

Most computers will open PDF documents automatically, but you may need Adobe Reader

Annual General Meetings

2016 AGM [24 Nov] Minutes and Reports



2016 Audited Accounts summary       2016 AGM Treasurer Note



2015 AGM Minutes and Reports

AGM 2015 Minutes

AGM 2015 Chairman’s Report

AGM 2015 Treasurer’s report

AGM 2015 Triangle editors’ report

AGM 2015 Webmaster report

2014 AGM Minutes and Reports

AGM 2014 Minutes

AGM 2014 Chairman’s report Nov 2013

AGM 2014 Accounts

AGM 2014 Editors Report Nov 2013

AGM 2014 webmaster report Nov 2013


2013 AGM Minutes and Reports

AGM 2013 Minutes

AGM 2013 Chairman’s report Nov 2013

AGM 2013 Accounts

AGM 2013 Editors Report Nov 2013

AGM 2013 webmaster report Nov 2013


2012 AGM minutes and reports

The minutes of our 2012 AGM, officers’ reports and accounts (to November 2012) can be found below.

AGM 2012 Minutes 22 Nov 2012

Annex A: AGM 2012 Chairman’s report 22 Nov 2012

Annex B: AGM 2012 Accounts

Annex C: AGM 2012 Editors Report 15 Nov 2012

Annex D: AGM 2012 webmaster_AGM_report_10112012


2011 AGM minutes, constitution and reports

The minutes of our 2011 AGM, officers’ reports, constitution and accounts (to October 2011) can be found below.

AGM 2011 minutes   AGM Minutes 18 Oct 2011

Annex A Chairman’s report   AGM Chairman’s report 18 Oct 2011

Annex B Newsletter editor’s report   AGM Triangle Editors Report 2011

Annex C Webmaster’s report   AGM webmaster_report_october_2011

Annex D Accounts   Triangle Accounts18102011

Annex E Constitution   Constitution of Website Newsletter Group 18Oct2011


Website Privacy Policy

The Slingsby Village website’s privacy policy can be viewed HERE

Website Comment and moderation guidelines

The Slingsby Village website welcomes visitor comments and feedback on the items posted, the website and its content.

Our comment guidelines can be found HERE