Photo Gallery


Welcome to the website’s photography gallery.

Over the years, the villages of Slingsby, Fryton and South Holme have been photographed by residents, visitors and the occasional passing professional photographer. This section of the website is dedicated to showing a selection of those photographs.

In this website section we feature not just modern day images of the villages, but also a selection of vintage photographs like the hand tinted image of Railway Street in Slingsby shown above, to help bring the parish’s rich local history to life.

Currently we have six galleries available to view.

Photo of the Month

The website has a regular monthly photography post where images taken around the parish can be submitted, by locals and visitors alike, to be displayed on the website. We also show local archive images too.

If you have an old or new photograph you’d like to share, you can send it to .  Along with your photograph, it would be useful to include some details about where the photograph was taken, when, etc.  All copyrights remain with the photographer who will get a credit on the website.

Please note that by sending the photograph to us, you are allowing the website team to publish it on the website and related Facebook, Twitter and Flickr pages.

The Slingsby, South Holme and Fryton Flickr Page

A Flickr page dedicated to archiving photographs documenting the people, the villages, the landscape, and life in general around the parish of Slingsby, South Holme and FrytonTo visit the Slingsby Village Flickr page go to 

As well as old photographs or negatives shot in the parish, contemporary photography submissions are also welcome.

If you’d like to contribute to the Flickr archive then you can send digitised images to:- 

It would help enormously if you could follow these guidelines when emailing in your photos.

Please try to give us as much info as you can: the photographer (esp if not the sender), the subject and if possible the date of photo.

Each scanned photo submitted should preferably be less than 5 MB.

We will ensure an acknowledgement of the photographer appears. The copyright remains with the photographer.

Any queries you may have about submitting photographs can be sent to the email address given above.