Local History Day – The Shops and Businesses of Slingsby

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This year our Local History Day (9 March) will be taking a look at the shops and businesses of Slingsby. During the 19th-century, the village was pretty well self-sufficient in services, and into the 20th-century it was still possible to obtain most of what you needed to live on without actually leaving the village. In fact, up until the Second World War for many, leaving the village to visit Malton or beyond was a rare event.

Last year the event focussed on farming around Slingsby, South Holme and Fryton, so this year we have decided to take a look at the businesses which supported farming. On Saturday 9th March, the Local History Group will bring together an exhibition of old photographs and objects relating to the shops and businesses of Slingsby, and at 2.30pm Dr Kate Giles will give a brief talk about the items on display.

We would also like to hear and record your memories of businesses in Slingsby. If your family ran a small business or you can remember shopping in the village years ago, please come and tell us about it on the Saturday morning at 10.30 a.m.

The Local History Day will be held in All Saints Church and Slingsby Village Hall, with a £2.00 entrance fee and £1.50 for refreshments.


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  1. Hello , I have ancestral connections to this Village , I saw this site and I have subscribed to it. And read that there was an event held last year focusing on the farmers in the area.I am very interested to know about this. As I live in Australia some information is pretty hard to get hold off and I am hoping this site will reveal few things!. My surname research is THOMPSON and the connecting names are Grainger and Peacock and Mainprize and Gibbs. Am hoping there is someone out there who may have these connections.
    Tony Thompson

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