A Call For Your Help

Triangle co-editor Joanna Bradley has passed on this note to the website team as unfortunately it missed the copy deadline.

Could you please help to identify this male black cat.

My wife has tried to find its owner but to no avail.

He comes to our house almost every day looking for food and company.

We feel that he needs some centenary care especially with his discoloured eyes, he also needs neutering.

We would like to get him that care if possible unless someone comes forward as an owner.

Could you please put this out in The Triangle to establish if he has an owner.

Many thanks,

Telephone: 01653 628094

Can you help Stewart?

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  1. Kay Hilll
    17th September 2018 at 11:11 pm

    There is a black cat that has been around the Green Crescent for some time

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