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Website anniversary minus 3 – it’s all about you!

Following on from yesterday’s post, we want to mention some more people who have been contributing to the website or have embraced what the website can do for them.

Geoff Brooks has been our most regular and consistent of contributors, providing monthly walks both local and slightly further afield ever since we took our first steps. Have you been doing the local ones during lockdown? Slingsby Local Walks

Slingsby Local History Group soon realised the practical benefit of the website, enabling it first to avoid clashes with meetings of other groups and then share and store historical findings. For example, have you unearthed these pages? The Cavendish Family at Slingsby or Slingsby Audio Archive

All Saints Church and the Methodist church Church and Chapel have been well represented, not forgetting our Parish Council

Ahead of our website’s launch, my report in the Triangle of February 2011 opened:

In downtown Slingsby, tension is mounting, expectations are high and speculation is rife. But that’s enough about the website team (we can tend to be a bit excitable). The new website is really all about YOU. Will you make it work for you? Will it serve to invigorate our community by announcing everything we do and are seeking to achieve?”

I think we now have the answer.

Website anniversary minus 4 and counting…

It’s time we gave a shout-out to some of our contributors, starting today with the groups who put in so much work each year to make May Day in Slingsby such a success: the Maypolers who mastermind the whole event and organise the dancing and music, the Friends of Slingsby School who organise the Scarecrow Trail, and the many and various groups running stalls and helping out in various ways.

The Village website is pleased to have been able to spread the word far and wide about this iconic event. In past years we have even been messaged by people living abroad who wish to book their holiday in UK to coincide with Slingsby’s May Day celebrations.

Our publicity for the May Day celebrations, and the Sports Club’s May Day car boot sale, have helped to generate the type of large and convivial gathering which sadly has become only too rare in recent times.

The level of interest is clear from the number of hits the website always gets in the days leading up to May Day. Our best ever daily viewing figure was recorded on 30 April 2017 when the website received 1,008 views in a single day.

In 2013 we created a page dedicated to Slingsby’s Maypole:

Slingsby Maypole

The website team at work

Website launch anniversary: countdown gets underway

Sheep Walk | Photo Keith Buck

Today we count down to our launch anniversary with some recollections of the winter of 2010/2011, when the newly formed website team (who had been gently sucked into the vacuum created by the Parish Plan recommendation we mentioned yesterday) began to realise the scale of the task it had taken on.

The photo above represents the hard graft which has to be put in before anything can flourish.

Our Domain name was secured early, we decided on the look of the website, and our webmaster set about building the technical structure and finding a good local company to host the website.

We needed to create a large body of information to achieve the critical mass needed to draw people to the website at the point of launch. Many so-called static pages were compiled, pulling together a vast amount of information drawn mainly from existing sources. At that time, we had no idea how popular the website would turn out to be.

The pages of this sort now number 81. They are a valuable and easy to access resource, but they need to be kept up-to-date. So PLEASE tell us if you see page information which is wrong or outdated.

Here are a few examples of early pages:

The 14,000-year History of the Parish

Our Village, with links to all our key places

Slingsby Railway: A History.

To end today, here’s a post from our first week: Website’s first week a success

1st March 2011 – what happened then?

The Hunt in Slingsby | From the Wormald Collection

The Slingsby Village Website was launched on to the World Wide Web on 1st March 2011. As we approach our 10th anniversary, the website will be bringing you a series of posts over the coming days, with recollections of how we got the project off the ground, some key milestones in our development, and showcasing some of the many and various things that the website has brought to our community. It was our first Parish Plan of 2010 which set the ball rolling for us. Now we are part of the furniture. So much has happened in the intervening time.

We’ll share some photos from our large media library, like the one above.

We’ll also point you to some interesting posts from our earlier days. Here’s a light-hearted one from April 2012:

God for Harry, Slingsby and St George

Watch this space!