Fraud Alert – North Yorkshire: Calls claiming to be from BT.

North Yorkshire Police have recently received a number of calls from residents in relation to a scam call, claiming to be from BT.

Residents have reported that they have been cold called on the phone, and have been told, by a recorded voice, that they are going to be cut off, or there are issues with their computer/phone line/internet and they have to press 1 to continue.
When pressing 1, the residents have been connected to a line where they have been kept talking to someone who claims to be from BT and has either attempted to obtain bank account details or have had to download something to their computer.

North Yorkshire Police strongly advise you not to press 1. Hang up and contact your phone provider on the customer services number from your bill. If you call from a landline, ensure that you have a dialling tone prior to making the call.

BT have created a webpage on their site to offer advice –

If you have been a victim of this, please contact your bank immediately.
You can also find advice on our website –


On Wednesday this week, in the early hours Police were contacted by Mobile Rural Watch members in Helmsley saying that they had poachers driving over their fields. This is a regular occurrence in all parts of North Yorkshire and will not be tolerated by Police. It is heart breaking for farmers to wake up to find vehicles have driven over their crops damaging and sometimes ruining their hard work. Luckily today there is a happy ending. Although crops have been damaged the 2 vehicles became stuck up to their axles in waterlogged ground and had to be abandoned. After being dragged out of the field these vehicles have been seized by Police and enquiries will be made to find owners.

Poaching is a priority for Police. Help us stamp it out by making that call.

Local History Group: Round Mounds Talk

The motte at Skipsea – Dr Jim Leary

Slingsby Village Hall, Tuesday 19 February, 7.30 pm

A talk by Dr Jim Leary, at the invitation of Slingsby Local History Group.

Dr Jim Leary from the Department of Archaeology, York University will give a talk on his work on Prehistoric Round Mounds, most famously Silbury Hill in Wiltshire, and most recently Skipsea in East Yorkshire; thought to be a medieval motte but possibly with earlier origins.

Jim has just joined the Department of Archaeology at York from the University of Reading. He previously worked for English Heritage.

The talk will be in the main hall – all are welcome!