It’s business as usual for Tony

Well almost. Perhaps not quite as photogenic as the spring lambs, but equally as welcome and important to the village, Tony Hodgson continues to supply essential goods to villagers who need them, from his shop in Green Dyke Lane, in spite of the current difficulties and dangers.
When you stand outside your front door and clap your appreciation of the NHS and other Key Workers at this difficult time, please include Tony in your thoughts.
Thank you Tony.

Photograph courtesy of David Critchley.

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  1. When my brother and I visited Slingsby last year in search of our Hardwick family ancestors, Tony and Joyce were so welcoming, helpful and hospitable so it doesn’t surprise us to hear of their good work in the community now. Our family visit in April has had to be cancelled but we look forward to our next visit when this crisis is over. Please send our best wishes. Patsy Hodson

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