Through Lichfield’s Lens – Photo Exhibition

An exhibition of Lord Lichfield’s photographs has gone on display at Nunnington hall. The world première exhibition, due to run until the 8th May, is made up of images taken from the late photographer Polaroid boards that have never been seen outside of his London studio.

In the days before digital photography, Polaroid images were often taken at shoots to test that lighting and exposure were correct. Most of the time test shots were discarded by photographers, however Lord Lichfield kept the best ones for his studio boards.

By the time of his death in 2005, over 2000 Polaroid images, from nearly every major shoot he had done between 1971 to 2005,  covered the changing room walls in his studio.

‘Through Lichfield’s Lens’ runs at Nunnington Hall until May 8th. More details can be found HERE