Photo of the Month: November 2011

Having a chat - Photograph by Richard Flint

Here is the website’s first Photo of the Month. On the 8th of each month, a photo will be posted onto the website and we’d like you, the viewer, to participate.

We are looking for any great images that you’d like to share. To start with we will limit submissions to images, old or new, taken around the parish of Slingsby, South Holme and Fryton, but later on we’ll open it out further to include more.

If you have a photograph you’d like to share you can send it to [email protected] . Along with your photograph, it would be useful to include some details about where the photograph was taken, when, etc.  All copyrights remain with the photographer who will get a credit on the website.

Please note that by sending it to us, you are allowing the website team to publish it on the website.

The above image was taken in 1997. The person with their back to the camera is Michael Bogg who sadly died earlier this year. The negatives for this photograph (and others) were found during a rummage through some old paperwork. It was taken as part of a photographic project to capture moments in the daily life of the village.

Details about how you can get involved in another village photography project will be posted later this week. Until then, why not have a look at the Slingsby Flickr page at

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  1. How about a caption competition as well? Now, for this photo I’d put “Flying a kite” — especially as there’s no visible chatee!

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