Record Breaking May


May really was an extraordinary month for the Slingsby Village website. In my article for the June/July issue of the Triangle, i mentioned a few of the site statistics and hinted that the page views for the month of May would break all previous records, but even i was surprised how much traffic we eventually received.

When i was writing the article, i did consider putting an estimate in for how many page views the site would get during May. The  figure i came up with was around 4300, an educated guess based on the visitor statistics data that the website was showing. The actual figure turned out to be 5471 which is roughly a 38%  increase from the previous record of 3956. The website proved to be far busier than i thought.

The key driving factor in gaining these high page views was the first car boot sale on the Sports field, aided by the fine weather and the cancellation of the car boot sale at Pickering. All those elements came together to boost the visitors to the website.

So can we beat that 5471 page view record? It’ll be tough, but i think it is possible given the right situation. Maybe next year’s May Day bank holiday weekend?


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