New Website Pages: Slingsby railway, bus timetable and local weather

Slingsby railway station in 1905 

Three new pages have been added to the website this week covering topics from history to the weather.

First of all we have the Slingsby railway history page that provides a fascinating insight into the rise and fall of the Ryedale railway; a line that included stations at Slingsby, Hovingham and Ampleforth. Although the railway closed in 1964, its influence can still clearly be seen on the surrounding countryside. As well as being a good read, the page also features some great photographs from a time when Slingsby echoed to the sound of the railway.

Speaking of travel. A page has also been added for the bus service in Slingsby. A downloadable PDF timetable link for Stephenson’s 194 service can be found there along with information supplied by our next due bus display. So far the information only covers bus stops in Slingsby but Fryton will be added very soon.

Finally, a local weather page has been added to the site with a five day local forecast supplied by the Met office. We have weather forecasts for Malton, York and other nearby locations along the coast but there is also an option to do a custom weather forecast search for any UK location, near or far.

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