Website Content Update

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The website had a great summer this year with the page views going up to over 4000 from May to September.  Although the website pages provide a lot of great information about the village, the real heart of the website is its news and events section where we post information about what’s going on locally. It’s a very popular feature of the site.

To keep the website up-to-date, the website team rely on being told the information. If something isn’t mentioned on the website, then it comes down to one of two reasons. One, we don’t know about it (i.e. we haven’t be told about the event), or two, we aren’t allowed to report it as the organisers don’t want the event appearing on the website. Sometimes we’d like to tell you but we can’t!

The popularity and strength of the village website is down to the diversity of content we have on it. If you’d like to write something for the site or just tell us about a local event, you can contact the website team (Jon, George and Ringo Richard) via the contact page located here.

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