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Parish Assembly and Council Minutes

We have received from the Parish Clerk the minutes of the Annual Parish Council (which will be of particular interest to Fryton residents) and the minutes of the lively Parish Assembly, which of course will be of interest to everyone!

Please note these are DRAFTS which we are publishing without delay, mainly because of the widespread interest in Castle Howard’s proposed sites. There is a good record of the Q&A session.

These documents, along with some financial/governance docs arising from the Parish Council meeting, can be found here: https://slingsbyvillage.co.uk/parish-council-and-community

Proposed Development Sites in Slingsby – your simple guide to the consultation process

This post tries to clarify the consultation process and, further below, suggests how you can submit comments.

This whole issue has kicked off this month because Ryedale District Council has to review its Local Plan, a major part of which is to see if new sites for housing need to be identified, to supplement those which are already in the Plan (e.g. the Balk/Aspen Way site).

This year the Review has quite a short timetable because of the Local Government Reform taking place in 2023. (Ryedale, along with other District Councils, will be superseded by the new North Yorkshire unitary authority in April 2023).

Only if a site were to be adopted into the Plan (which we believe would happen later in the summer at the earliest) would it then be possible for Castle Howard to submit a planning application, which would again give rise to further consultation.

While a few people might feel they only need comment when a planning application is actually submitted, others might take the view that the adoption of any site in the Local Plan is the thin end of the wedge and the principle of the development has been established.

Those who attended the lively Parish Assembly on Monday 23 May will have heard Councillor Simon Thackray mention that he and Councillor Steve Mason (also present) were members of a local plan group which was to meet on Tuesday 24 May to have a look at the proposed sites. They naturally wanted to represent residents’ views. Some of you may even have rushed to get in your comments in advance of that meeting.  But there is still plenty of time.

The Village website has heard from planning officers at Ryedale DC that;

  • Members (i.e. Councillors) were not even starting to make any decisions at that meeting.
  • Site submissions were just being presented to Members.
  • Officers would be presenting Members with comments made on the full range of site submissions later in the summer.
  • As yet, no deadline for comments has been set.

However, a planning officer has now advised that “consideration of sites has begun and we would recommend making comments sooner rather than later as they will inform officer assessments”.

We understand that further information (for instance, supporting documents) about all the 300 sites across Ryedale that have been submitted will be published on their website in due course, and anyone would be welcome to make additional comments after this if they would like to.

So, still wondering how to comment or struggling with the online form?

We published in our post “Review of the Ryedale Plan” on 18 May a link which will take you to this slightly difficult online form asking many tick-box questions, but allowing you also to send a supplementary email. Although the Council would prefer you to use the online form (to make assessment quicker), we have established that you can, if you wish, simply send an email to [email protected] with your views. It will be acknowledged and recorded. Remember to state the site numbers you are commenting on, and your name and address.

For further information visit: https://www.ryedale.gov.uk/information/planning/future-planning/

Brief report of Parish Assembly and Development sites proposed by Castle Howard

No one had seen the Village Hall as packed as it was for the Parish Assembly on Monday 23 May 2022.  It was standing room only for late-comers.

You had to feel sorry for Parish Council Chair Fiona Farnell, for scarcely anyone was there to hear her annual report or about the four Parish Council vacancies. Everyone wanted to find out what Castle Howard were thinking of for the sports field and Castle area (plus the three proposed sites to the south of the village).

Publication in previous days of the four sites proposed by Castle Howard for adoption in the Ryedale Local Plan had given rise to much concern among residents.

It was good to see that Nick Howard had taken the time to come along to introduce and place in context the situation facing Castle Howard and explain the nature of this early consultation. Estate Chief Executive Jasper Hasell gave a full presentation on the overall vision for a sustainable future and then talked about the development sites, particularly the site which included the sports field. We also learned that the Castle Farm and Heights Farm site might go forward fairly soon to a planning application (the website understands that development here would be considered infill and therefore the site did not need prior adoption into the Ryedale Local Plan).

A lively question and answer session followed. Many concerns were raised. These came from residents young and old, from Ryedale Councillor Simon Thackray (who was there with his fellow Councillor Steve Mason), Slingsby School’s Head Teacher, and the Sports Club Chairman, among others. Castle Howard said protection of the sports field (as an integral part of the development) was their aim and it was suggested from the floor that it might be gifted to the community (as the Village Hall site had been donated, back in 1931).

In concluding, Jasper Hasell admitted that the evening had seemed like a bit of a roasting (it was always civil – Ed) but he was grateful for the expression of residents’ views.

A quick straw poll after the event seemed to suggest that a good deal more would have to be done to allay residents’ concerns.

The Slingsby Village website will bring you more on this story as the process continues.

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Castle Howard Vision Document

Castle Howard “Vision” document

You will find below the Castle Howard Vision document we promised in yesterday’s post, (which carried Castle Howard’s message regarding their development proposal affecting Slingsby’s sportsfield and castle).

As stated in that message: “Estate Chief Executive, Jasper Hasell, will be presenting further information on the estate’s vision and the sites under consideration on Monday at the Parish Assembly meeting and will be happy to answer questions then. In the meantime, we are pleased to share our draft vision document as background reading.”

So here it is: Vision Document (13MB PDF file)

Short of time? Just read “Purpose 3 Revive” (pp 25-45) which talks about development principles.

We hope to see YOU at Monday’s Parish Assembly at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

Castle Howard’s Development Proposals for Slingsby and our Sportsfield

The recently published development sites which Castle Howard Estate have put forward for the review of the Ryedale Plan included (among four sites) the Slingsby Sportsfield. This has understandably caused a lot of concern in the community, since an essential village amenity and a heritage site are affected.

We have received the following message from Castle Howard. It aims to allay concerns regarding inappropriate development. We are publishing it here, without comment, so that you can decide for yourselves if that aim has been achieved.

Please attend the Parish Assembly on Monday 23 May at 7.30 pm in Slingsby Village Hall, so you can hear Jasper Hasell, Castle Howard Estate Chief Executive, explain more about the Estate’s intentions. There will be ample opportunity for you to ask questions and express your views.

Matthew Wood, on behalf of the Senior Management Team, writes:

We are aware of the concerns raised by the community with regards the potential development of Slingsby sports field, which forms part of one of the sites that has been identified for consideration under Ryedale’s Local Plan review. We would like to offer reassurance if this were to be chosen by Ryedale District Council (RDC) as a development site, this would not jeopardise the provision of sports facilities in the village. Any development will ensure the enhancement of existing sports facilities and it has never been our intention to jeopardise this provision. Indicative concept plans have already been shared with RDC to confirm this when the land was submitted for consideration, however the council only issues red line plans outlining land submitted, which may have confused matters in this instance.

We are sharing here an indicative concept plan that shows the retention of the sports field, with development on land to the west, with access from the High Street, to the south of Slingsby Castle which we hope provides some reassurance. Please note that this plan is indicative only. It was been produced to accompany a red line site plan submission to RDC to show how different uses could be accommodated on the site, rather than to indicate proposed locations of building types, roads and green space. It is not a fixed plan and further design work would be undertaken if the land is allocated.

At this stage, all sites submitted are under consideration by RDC and hold no planning status. Only if a site receives allocation from RDC would more detailed work be undertaken on site layouts, house design, access, services and so on. We are happy to share our thinking at this early stage and hear thoughts and comments from the community which will help to shape any future plans. Castle Howard is committed to the enhancement of services and the sustainability of communities through any development that takes place on estate owned land.

Estate Chief Executive, Jasper Hasell, will be presenting further information on the estate’s vision and the sites under consideration on Monday at the Parish Assembly meeting and will be happy to answer questions then. In the meantime, we are pleased to share our draft vision document as background reading.

Kind Regards, Matthew Wood


We will publish CASTLE HOWARD’S DRAFT VISION DOCUMENT in a separate post on the Village website (owing to the document’s size).

We hope to see as many residents as possible at the Parish Assembly in the Village Hall on Monday 23 May at 7.30pm.

For a reminder of the four proposed sites, see our earlier post here.