101 photographs, 101 years

Ronnie Wilson outside Castle Stores on High Street

“101 photographs, 101 years” is Book 4 of the series produced by the Slingsby Local History Group. It is on sale from David Thornley on 01653 627210 at the price of £9. All proceeds go to SLHG and are then ploughed back into village projects. The glossy publication contains 100 old black and white photographs, plus the cover photo above, taken from 1864 to 1965. All have now been digitally restored. If you have never seen the difference digital restoration can make, you will be amazed.

In the mid-20th century it was fashionable to send postcards home when you went on holiday and there were many taken of the Slingsby area. Although a lot of these postcards survived the last hundred years or so, they are often in a poor condition, being faded, creased and ripped etc. They have all been Photoshopped to bring them back to life, restoring the fading black and white, repairing the creases and tears, removing mould spots etc. so that they appear almost as they were when new all those years ago. This process is very time consuming, so the lockdown period proved to be the perfect opportunity to tackle it!

New Covid vaccination email scam

Further to warnings shared previously, we’ve been made aware of a new phishing email scam which has landed in many people’s inboxes in the last 24 hours. The email is designed to appear as if it is from the NHS and asks the recipient to follow a link to book their vaccination which involves filling out extensive personal details.

If you receive an email like this, DO NOT click on any links and delete it straightaway.

Scammers are relentless in their quest to try and trick people out of their money so let’s make sure they are unsuccessful by telling as many people about this new scam as possible.

You don’t need to apply for the vaccination!

You don’t have to pay to receive it!

You don’t need to share bank details to confirm your identity!

North Yorkshire Community Messaging (NYCM) is managed by North Yorkshire Police.  The official website is

Fryton flood – more photos

Colin Douthwaite has kindly sent us some photos of the flood which hit his house in Fryton in the early hours of last Thursday. Like his neighbour Lesley, Colin’s house was completely flooded, with water up to 6 inches deep in the ground floor. Yesterday, he was still in the process of throwing out furniture and other ruined contents.

Colin says: “I looked out at 3am and saw all the water so went to all the neighbours adjacent (five of them) banging on doors to wake them up. No.1 priority was to wake Lesley up next door. When Fryton floods it doesn’t do it by halves but this is the worst we have seen in 24 years here.”

The Parish Council are looking into how to stop any recurrence of such flooding in the future.

Photos below: gates, front door and kitchen at Squirrel Cottage, and view from upstairs.

Looking N to beck beyond flooded farmyard