Virtual church and chapel in Slingsby and Mothering Sunday

Did you hear the All Saints’ church bell ring this morning? This was the Church of England’s suggested 10.15am call to (home) prayer.

Kate explains more below about how Church and Chapel will see us through this period of cancelled services. The website will use its church and chapel page to spread the word.

Both the Church of England and the Methodist Church have agreed that services should be cancelled due to coronavirus and the need for us all to social-distance and self-isolate. Today is ‘Mothering Sunday’, a festival which originated within the church and provided all those working in service or on the land and away from home to travel back to their ‘mother church’ and to see their family. It was a rare holiday, coinciding with the 25th March, the Feast of the Annunciation, or ‘Lady Day’. Until the late eighteenth century, it was also the start of the English New Year, when the common pastures would be opened for grazing after the winter.

We can often look back at the past and feel sorry for those who saw their families only once a year, relying on letters as their only means of communication. Yet how strange it seems today that we are being encouraged NOT to see our families and to observe self-isolation and social distancing as a means of showing them just how much we love them. This will be very hard, especially for those without connection to the internet or video calls. How much we will miss seeing them in person, enjoying lunch in The Grapes, or afternoon tea at the Hovingham Bakery. 

The Church of England has suggested that every Sunday as far as possible we ring a bell at 10.15am, not to call people to worship in the building, but rather at home, and to remind people of his love in these dark days.

All Saints will do this (I rang the bell for a very short time this morning just in case it takes a while to get the message round….we don’t want people thinking it’s an emergency and rushing to the church to see what’s wrong!) But we will try from now on to post a weekly reflection through the website church and chapel pages, in case it is helpful. Later this week, I’ll post an article on the nineteenth-century rebuilding of the church, which we would have been celebrating today. 

For today, however, I’ve copied a prayer for Mothering Sunday that we can hopefully use at home. And for the moment, All Saints remains open and accessible as a place of quiet prayer and solace, as does the churchyard which is filled with spring flowers and wildlife, precious signs of Spring and God’s love which feel all the more important as we face some dark days ahead. If you would like to ask for a prayer, there is a book at the back of church to write in, if you want to bring your own pen, or write it out at home and pin it to the noticeboard where we’ve been updating people about the roof appeal, or post it through the chapel prayer box. 

with much love, 


Slingsby Support Network – Slingsby Needs YOU!

The Parish Council has decided to be the coordinating point for a Slingsby Support Network, which will create a network of key contacts and volunteers across the village who can help with a friendly phonecall, some help with shopping or other tasks in the current crisis.

A Steering Group consisting of Fiona Farnell, Geoff Bishop and Kate Giles is coordinating this informal volunteer effort.

Over the next few days, everyone in the village should receive a postcard through their door from a key contact person. Many of you will already have received your postcards. Your contact will try to collate names and contact details, as well as skills of other volunteers in the village. We would love to hear from you about how you might help, acknowledging that you might have skills that will be of use, or just the ability to have a good chat with someone on the phone. 

A slip which you can use to offer help is available to download below. It  will be available also on the back page of The Triangle and at the back of the church where you’ll also find a box to leave these slips. Alternatively, you can just contact us via phone or email (see below) to let us know you would like to help. We will be cooperating very closely and a database will be coordinated through the Parish Council. We will observe data protection and GDPR practice in doing this, so please be reassured that your details would only be shared with your permission. 

We are finding our way here, as the coronavirus situation develops. The Slingsby Support Network is not a medical service, so any enquiries about illness, education, childcare, employment, housing and benefits etc. should still be directed to the relevant government authorities. However, as a community we do not want anyone to feel isolated or frightened. Slingsby has weathered greater storms in its life, and we will get through this together.

Fiona Farnell, Tel 01653 628285;  Email f[email protected]

Geoff Bishop, Tel 01653 628055;  Email [email protected]

Useful websites for government advice are:


The slip seen further below can be downloaded here:


Yes I can help with the Slingsby Support Network!



Contact details (please provide phone and email if you can)

I am happy to help (subject to availability and government guidance) with





Please contact us in the most useful way possible, emailing Fiona Farnell on [email protected] or Geoff Bishop on [email protected]  or by ringing your local point of contact. 

Slingsby – Together we’ll weather the storm

These are interesting times, to put it mildly. We write to reassure you that your village website and your Triangle will remain here for you. We will do our best to keep you up-to-date with developments affecting the Parish, in this fast-moving coronavirus situation.

We aim to deliver the Triangle pretty much as normal at the end of this month, although we may need help from additional deliverers to replace those who are unable to get out as they used to. We have decided not to collect subs at this time, until it is safe to do so.

We will post on this website anything that seems relevant. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have queries or suggestions.

Look out today for more information. Coming shortly, very important news about the burgeoning Slingsby Support Network. And a message about church services.

Jon Boots, the Slingsby Website and Newsletter Group

EVENTS CANCELLED Ryedale Festival Spring Weekend, 27-29 March

EVENTS CANCELLED (27-29 March 2020)

Three exciting events launch the 2020 Ryedale Festival. At the first, on the evening of 27 March, the full summer programme for the Ryedale Festival 2020 will be announced. Here we will find out if the Festival is to make a welcome return to Slingsby in July.

The weekend concludes with an afternoon concert with cake at Duncombe Park.

For full details of the three events, and to book, go to the Ryedale Festival website here:

POSTPONED – Climate Change Conference, Pickering 25 April 2020

Saturday 25 April 2020, 9.30am – 4.30pm, Lady Lumley’s School Pickering

Climate Change event – towards caring for God’s creation – responding to the unfolding disaster. Talks, Workshops, Displays.

Cost £15. Students free.

To book a place at the event, contact: John Castle (email see flyer above) or Helen Goodman Tel 01439 788401.

Hovingham’s Project Purple (Hovingham’s group focused on reducing our carbon footprint) is arranging a minibus to take residents to the venue for a modest donation. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend this event If you would like to attend and would like to use the minibus please contact: [email protected] or telephone Ann Chapman 01653 627171. We recommend you do this by 21 March, if at all possible. To book tickets for the conference itself, see the flyer.