Big Slingsby Birdwatch 2016

All Saint's Church in Slingsby |Photo by Steve Allen

All Saint’s Church in Slingsby |Photo by Steve Allen


Slingsby Local History Group writes:

We are collecting details of birds seen at the moment in and around Slingsby, South Holme and Fryton. We are doing this to record and keep an up to date list for comparison with the lists made at various times since the late 19th Century. We can then see if wildlife populations have changed and by how much.

If you do the Big RSPB Birdwatch each January we should be grateful to have a copy of your list. The RSPB watch takes place this year on 30th  / 31st January .

If you do not take part in the RSPB record, which is done on-line, but would like to take part in the Slingsby one, please can you set aside an hour in the week beginning 24th January and ending 31st January to do this. Forms to fill in are at the Village Shop, or please make your own list if you wish.

Please let the Group have your results by 6th February. These can be delivered to the Village Shop, or to Wyville House, The Lawns.

To send results by email please use [email protected]

Thank you!




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