Fracking – Castle Howard intervenes


In a week when the Government confirmed legislation to allow fracking under National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Sites of Special Scientific Interest, and went on to grant more licences for fracking, the landowners of the Castle Howard and Hovingham Estates, among others, have joined the debate and written a joint letter published in today’s (Saturday’s) Yorkshire Post.

The letter identifies “five massively serious disadvantages” of bringing fracking to Ryedale and further refers to the inadequacy of the regulatory regime in place.

The letter can be read on the Yorkshire Post website by following the link below.

The Slingsby Village website suggests any comments on the content of this letter should go to the Yorkshire Post (or to the authors of the letter).

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  1 comment for “Fracking – Castle Howard intervenes

  1. I am very pleased that Castle Howard and the Hovingham Estates have spoken out about the effects that Fracking will have on our countryside.I do hope that all landowners will do the same.
    Drilling companies may have bought PDEL licences,but they still need permission from landowners to perform any exploratory work. Any money offered will not compensate for the damage done by fracking

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