Slingsby from the air – snapshots in time

Aerial view of Slingsby from NE | Photo provided by Geoff Brooks

Geoff Brooks has sent us these two aerial photographs of Slingsby and would be interested to know if anyone can date them.

There are quite a lot of clues here, as Geoff points out:

“These aerial photos emerged when we were clearing out some drawers. They seem to have been taken on the same day but there is no date on them. I think they are from the early nineties but it would be useful if anyone could narrow the year down by looking at any clues the pictures might hold. The ‘new’ houses in Church Lane had been built but those beside the Reading Room had not. Perry’s coaches still used the yard full time, the trees on the Green had just been pollarded, the swimming pool at the rear of Lindon House had not been covered in and Richardson’s yard was still being used for haulage. There is a distinct lack of cars, particularly noticeable in the Green Crescent compared with today.”

Aerial view of central Slingsby, early 1990s? | Photo provided by Geoff Brooks

Please let us know at [email protected] if you think you can date these photographs.

Geoff’s latest walks for February and March have just been published on our walks page. Thanks Geoff!

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  1. Re dating the aerial shots.

    we moved into Porch House in August 1998, and I think that the trees were pollarded either 1998 or 1999

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