Slingsby has a Village Design Statement – who knew?

Those who attended the Parish Assembly on 23 May (to find out about Castle Howard’s outline proposals for development in Slingsby) will have heard our Village Design Statement being mentioned from the floor. Some may have got the impression that Castle Howard planners were unaware of the existence of this detailed document. It is however fair to assume that even some residents will not be aware of the Village Design Statement, so we are providing here a link to it on the Ryedale District Council website: SLINGSBY VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT.

It was adopted by Ryedale as a Supplementary Planning Document in 2016 and so has particular status under planning rules. Supplementary Planning Documents such as this build upon the Ryedale Plan and are a material planning consideration.

Following a survey of residents, the Village Design Statement seeks, among other things, to designate and protect particular iconic views which are highly valued (such as the one across the sports field towards the Church and Rectory). These views would be adversely impacted by the proposals. This aspect of the Village Design Statement is perhaps the most relevant when Ryedale come to consider the submitted sites in Slingsby.

Background information about both the Village Design Statement and the Parish Plan has long been available to view on the Community page of our village website.

More about how to respond to the consultation can be found in the village website’s guide

Key Castle Howard documents supporting their Slingsby development proposals are on the Ryedale District Council website HERE.

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