Slingsby planning proposals: NEW SITE SUBMISSION

New site 305 (also showing Castle Farm / Heights Farm site)

On the website we have been sharing information about sites submitted by Castle Howard to Ryedale District Council for housing development. We have urged residents to respond to the proposals, whether they are in favour or against some or all of them. If you have already sent in your comments, please be aware that Site 298 (including the Sports Field) was withdrawn a week or so ago. We hope this is an example of the Estate listening to local opinion, but crucially a new Site 305 was added and notified to the Parish Council. This is the rest of Site 298 – the field known as Castle Field to the west of the castle towards Fryton. If you have objected to Site 298, but are also opposed to Site 305, you would be well-advised to let Ryedale know.

You can find out the details here: – scroll down and look for Slingsby.

You can either fill in their online form, or send a letter or email to: [email protected] 

If you want to be kept updated, you must give them permission to contact you.

A quick reminder that Castle Howard has already secured outline permission for 38 houses on The Balk field site, and have indicated their intention to build a further 30 or so on the Castle Farm / Heights Farm site. What is now being proposed are two other major developments on top of this. Do you think the village is at capacity? Or can it cope with more development, as long as this is sustainable, affordable housing with new facilities? 

Please don’t presume that other people will represent your views – it is important that as many people as possible say how the proposals will impact them and village amenities, including drainage systems, access to road networks, open spaces and ecology. 

Our thanks to interested residents for this item and for monitoring the site submission process.

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