Slingsby Play Area Update

As the Summer rolls on and holidays appear on the horizon, many residents and visitors are asking when we might re-open the play area. The answer is that we don’t yet know but that we are checking the guidance carefully and will do so as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this currently states that we would need to ensure that social distancing is observed and that equipment is cleaned after each use…no easy task for a small village and volunteer community!

However, we are using the time to get things organised for re-opening. A small and carefully-coordinated/socially-distanced group are gradually building up the ramp between the pathway and the play area surface, as requested by several parents last summer. We were given funding by the parish council towards some turf covering for this, so hope that it will have time to settle before we re-open and will provide a safer environment – and some new seating for parents at the same time. We were also given funding towards a new fence and gate, which would allow the lawnmower to get into and onto the area for cutting the grass. Richard Hindby has been very generous with his time and it looks splendid. 

Our next task is to find funding to pay off the remaining £1000 to the Sports Club, who have been very patient with us, and for a new birdhide/shelter to replace the demolished shed. We’ll be roping off this area when the play area re-opens, again with an eye on safety. 

Thanks as ever to Geoff for keeping us all going, to Richard and several Dads who have moved earth diligently over lockdown and to Warwick for his hedge-cutting. We will update you as soon as we can with a re-opening date.  Kate Giles

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  1. Has the play area re opened yet? It would be nice to take my one year old somewhere quiet to have a play

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