Slingsby’s New Litter Picking Equipment

Councillor David Bairstow tells us:

At the request of a newly formed local eco group, and courtesy of Ryedale District Council, the Parish council has made some litter picking equipment available for all to use.

We know that litter isn’t a massive problem in and around the village, but we have sometimes noticed more than usual, mostly through the summer months. 

It is currently stored at the back of the church in the bin store where it can be accessed at any time. Please note that in the next few days I will be splitting up the equipment and placing half of it near the dog poo bin just over the bridge on the cinder track down railway street, as I think more walkers will pass that point. 

So some will be behind the church and some next to the poo bin over the beck. 

If you feel like doing your bit for the environment whilst out walking or dog walking, the guidelines are as follows:

1. Take a bag, hoop and picker.

2. Once finished, leave bag, if full, near the bin outside the sports ground and the Parish Council will arrange collection. If only a few pieces of litter have been picked, these could be deposited into the bin and the bag reused. 

3. Please return equipment ready for the next person.