Slingsby local anti-fracking workshop

Tuesday 11 November, 7.30pm, Slingsby Village Hall

A meeting is being held with the aim of setting up a local anti-fracking group in the Slingsby area.

The Slingsby Village website understands that, following on from the well-attended talk by Ian Crane on 11th October in Slingsby (about 100 people ), there is now a concerted move to establish local groups across Ryedale. Slingsby is in one of the areas likely to be affected by “fracking by stealth”. Frack-Free Ryedale wishes to help residents become involved in campaigning to stop fracking while there is still time.

The informal meeting on Tuesday 11th November in Slingsby will start at 7.30pm and should not go beyond 9pm. There will be free tea and biscuits in the break.