Slingsby Support Group: an update

Kate Giles writes:

As we move into the second month of ‘lockdown’, it seems appropriate to give you an update on the Slingsby Support Group and how it is working. 
We have a great number of Key Responders and volunteers, so thank you to everyone who has offered assistance and support. To date, we mostly found ourselves assisting with prescription collections from Ampleforth, Hovingham and Malton, usually coordinated through Kate. We’ve been asked whether there is any need to give drivers petrol money for this and the answer is definitely ‘no’. Some volunteers have also been helping with shopping, either collecting orders paid for online, or picking up a few extra things that didn’t arrive in orders from the larger supermarkets. We hear very positive things about the service from Terrington and Hovingham stores, who have an amazing range of things available, and from Dales and Paleys in Malton, too. The website has a good list of shops and garden centres doing deliveries and again, we are all finding out about and appreciating more what is available on the doorstep and how we can support local businesses at this challenging time. 
As we head into the next month or so, other needs may arise. It’s possible that some people may begin to feel the pinch, particularly feeding lots of hungry teenagers or chaps at home! If you are struggling please do let one of us know and we will try to assist you if we can. There are lots of good support networks out there we can signpost you to. 
If people are in hospital, it’s also possible that concerns about pets and gardens might also arise. We obviously have to be very careful about protecting volunteers’ health, but if you need a bit of help again, let us know, and we will put the call out. 
In the meantime, on behalf of the parish council and the Support Group we would just like to thank all the volunteers and indeed, Slingsby’s residents generally, for responding so positively and thoughtfully to the crisis, looking out for each other and just checking in with friends and neighbours. Loneliness may well be one of the hardest aspects of COVID-19 for many people and a phonecall or socially-distanced chat over the garden wall means a great deal. However, many of us now have friends, relatives and colleagues who have experienced the real horror of coronavirus and its devastating impact on the lives of families and those caring for them. Yesterday, we heard that car journeys were the highest they had been since the beginning of lockdown, and the Malton road certainly seems to be busier than it has been for several weeks. The buzz of motorbikes was certainly apparent on Sunday. SO, please, please do stay with the current advice from the government. You may be fed up and frustrated, and willing to risk your own health, but if you contract coronavirus you will be risking the health of those who are risking their own lives everyday to look after the people we love.


Slingsby Support Group Coordinators: Fiona Farnell 628285, Geoff Bishop, Kate Giles.

The Village website and the Triangle would like to add their thanks to the coordinators and everyone helping this vital effort. Ed.

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