The website passes 100,000 page views

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The Slingsby Village website passed an important milestone today with the page view figure going past  the 100,000 mark. The fact that we have passed this viewing figure in just under three years is quite remarkable.

Last year was a benchmark year for the village website. Firmly established online, the viewing figures started to climb as people searched for and found the site. Our social media pages, including a brand new Facebook page, also provided plenty of visitors. In 2013 we received a total of 44,123 page views with the summer months being especially busy periods.

The last few weeks have seen a string of new updates and changes to the website including the addition of a new website design, added at the end of December. Over 2014, the site will continue to develop and improve. If you’d like to help run the website or write for the website, then please feel free to get in touch.

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