Website launch anniversary: countdown gets underway

Sheep Walk | Photo Keith Buck

Today we count down to our launch anniversary with some recollections of the winter of 2010/2011, when the newly formed website team (who had been gently sucked into the vacuum created by the Parish Plan recommendation we mentioned yesterday) began to realise the scale of the task it had taken on.

The photo above represents the hard graft which has to be put in before anything can flourish.

Our Domain name was secured early, we decided on the look of the website, and our webmaster set about building the technical structure and finding a good local company to host the website.

We needed to create a large body of information to achieve the critical mass needed to draw people to the website at the point of launch. Many so-called static pages were compiled, pulling together a vast amount of information drawn mainly from existing sources. At that time, we had no idea how popular the website would turn out to be.

The pages of this sort now number 81. They are a valuable and easy to access resource, but they need to be kept up-to-date. So PLEASE tell us if you see page information which is wrong or outdated.

Here are a few examples of early pages:

The 14,000-year History of the Parish

Our Village, with links to all our key places

Slingsby Railway: A History.

To end today, here’s a post from our first week: Website’s first week a success